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Work with us to improve sensing technology


We provide small-scale radar solutions and system development. Use our expertise to build solutions in small-scale remote sensing applications.

Engineering Support

We provide engineering support and system integration. Get our expertise in advanced radar processing, system design and development, artificial intelligence, and sensor fusion.

License Technologies

License our proprietary radar processing technologies for remote sensing applications. Non-contact physiological measurements, real-time breathing, heart rate, through-the-wall sensing and more.

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our strengths

We have an exceptional team

- Highly-skilled

- Result-oriented & Analytical

- International & Diverse

Technology is in our core

- World-recognized radar experts

- Custom in-house technology

- Years of experience, Expertise & Know-how

We are part of the foundational research

- Foundational academic research in radar

- Involved in $60M of advanced technology programs

We provide the highest quality of service

- Very high-quality standards

- Reliable & Trustworthy company

- Strong relationships with our partners