Driving the next big thing in little radars.

We provide proprietary radar processing technology and solutions, for a broad range of remote sensing applications. Our capabilities include non-contact physiological measurements, not limited to just breathing rate and heart rate. We provide solutions in advanced radar signal processing and system design.

Our Purpose

Provide next generation small-scale radar systems and algorithms

We strive to address the growing opportunity for non-contact sensing applications like, personal health, security, human-machine interface and augmented reality. We use our unique radar, algorithmic, machine-learning and system implementation background to build robust remote sensing systems. The recent advances in radar hardware cost-size weight and power (C-SWaP) enables a postage-stamp sized, single-chip implementation.

our solutions

Future of Smart Sensing


Ability to extract vital signs remotely, providing a convenient, comfortable, and easy to use personal health technology.



Inexpensive low-power small-scale system design, can be readily integrated with existing health monitoring/ smart devices.



Offers better security as it requires unique radar signal processing for data interpretability.

Our mission

Establish small-scale radar as the next personal technology

Our mission is to dominate vital signs monitoring market, a $9 billion industry, and become a global leader in remote sensing applications. We want to establish small-scale radar as the next personal technology, the next camera-phone class technology.